3Lines TD300s Dirt Jump Frame - Black

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Whether you’re a seasoned dirt jumper or just learning to cruise your neighborhood pumptrack, the 3lll dirt is the perfect weapon of choice for you!

Frame: 3Lines Aluminum Dirt

Weight: 22600g (including paint, 33CM)
Color: Green Chameleon
seatpost: 31.6mm
tube: 34.9mm
tapered first tube: the 1-1 / 8 "at 1-1 / 2"
rear axis: 10,12 ,15 (standard 10mm ear fittings, 12 and 15 are optional)

TD300s are lighter, more stable and more direct. In order to achieve high strength, a lot of effort is needed to match and strengthen the pipe fittings, such as the reinforcement box at the mid-pipe end of the upper tube, the reinforcement box with the center tube and the back fork, and the forged U-shaped link YOKE... ...Are all born for the high use strength of the soil slopes.