DVO Garnet

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The design philosophy of the Garnet is simple. Making something that works. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel or debut some crazy new technology… We just wanted to make a product you can count on. Since the creation of the dropper post, they’ve been unreliable, finicky, and difficult to maintain. We decided to confront this headache of a product segment and make something simple and dependable.


  • Actuation:
    Cable Remote
  • Adjustment:
  • Cable Routing:
    Internal or External
  • Clamp Style:
    Standard Rails
  • Color:
  • Diameter:
    30.9 or 31.6
  • Length:
    385mm at 125mm Travel
  • Remote Position:
    Left or Right
  • Travel:
    100mm -125mm - 150mm
  • Weight:
DVO Garnet
DVO Garnet
DVO Garnet