Leatt DBX 2020
New 2019
Leatt DBX 4.0 V19.1 RUBY
Super Ventilated Bicycle Full-Face Head and Brain Protection. The helmet that will meet every challenge. Don't be shy, dare to ask for a full ASTM DH certified, superbly ventilated, lightweight helmet offering an excellent fit – all in one. It is right here!
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1,100.00 NIS
New 2019
Leatt DBX 3.0 ENDURO V19.1 INK
Bicycle Enduro Head and Brain Protection with Removable Chin Bar. A leading design with removable chin bar, our Enduro helmet is engineered to support you climbing or riding downhill without having to change helmets.
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1,195.00 NIS
New 2019
All-Mountain Bicycle Head and Brain Protection
When trail riding moves up to the next level and you are challenging mountains. The mountain will call you at one point or another, so be prepared!
Protective head coverage and brain rotation/concussion reduction tech are great features on a bad day.
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795.00 NIS
New 2019
Leatt DBX 2.0 V19.1 BRUSHED
Bicycle Head and Brain Protection
Five steps up from your standard consumer trail helmet! Go that extra mile and stay protected by the best!
There is finally a solution that minimizes the risk of a head and brain injury, and that is to get the best helmet you can find that reduces both rotation and impact energy to your head and brain.
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550.00 NIS


Leatt GPX 2020
NEW 2020
Discover the Limar Air Revolution
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New 2019

הרגע שבו הכול משתלם

כאשר זה לא עובד, זה כואב. אבל כשזה קורה, זה נהדר. בגלל זה אנחנו עושים את זה. ברגע הזה אנחנו באמת בלתי מנוצחים ואין שום דבר אחר חשוב. כל תא בגופנו צורח בשמחה, אדרנלין מציף את הגוף ואנחנו חופשיים - אופוריה מוחלטת 

Industry Nine

Not just a wheel company, passionate individuals brought together by the pursuit of excellence.

"When we strap on our helmets and put power to the earth, the only limiting factor should be our own mind, never our equipment. Creating better parts is our obsession. From concept to CNC to Trail and back again. Our sleepless nights equip your best days."

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Our action packs use our award winning 4 point suspension design. They are made to be 100% bounce free from which the “No Dancing Monkey” technology was born. The unique shape and suspension allow you to snug the packs really tight to the body without affecting your breathing capacity or body movement.

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DVO Suspension

A rider propelled company driven by the passion for high performance suspension.

"We strive to offer you, the rider, three important things; amazing customer service, a high quality & well made product, and a feeling of connection to the brand. When you ride DVO, you’re in the family and we will always treat you that way."

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Leatt GPX 3.5

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