Tubeless Valves

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Tubeless tire set-up without the worries, the mess and the clogged-up valves

The revolutionary milKit tubeless valve system makes the maintenance of tubeless tires quick, easy and clean.

  • Measure, change and top up sealant while maintaining air pressure in the tire.
  • Close the rubber flaps at the bottom of the valves to prevent the sealant from clogging the valve
  • Easy tubeless installation: milKit valves maintain the air in the tire without the valve core installed - you can add the sealant after inflating the tire without making a mess.

Swiss-engineered and made in Germany, the product is convincing because of its high-quality and lightweight aluminium valves as well as the elegant design with intelligent detailing.

The valves fit into all common rims, including that of road, gravel and MTB tubeless wheels.

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milKit Replacement Valves contain the following:

  • 2x milKit aluminium tubeless valve
  • 1x valve core tool
  • 1x info leaflet

milKit products are available with 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 75mm valve length.


Tubeless Valves
Tubeless Valves